Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gay Marriage

I'm  not completely sure of what's the issues within the debates of gay marriage, so i can't go into much detail into the situation. With the way I was brought up, I was taught that boys and girls should only be with each other. Me and my parents never really had a conversation about me being gay or any of them going that route. My position on the situation is that marriage should be between women and man, but if people truly think that they are in love why not let them do it. I'm not against gay relationships, but that just don't fit right for me.With the society we live in today, I don't think it'll ever be accepted by majority of the Nation. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibility  Therefor, I think with the stress from their surroundings, a same sex marriage wouldn't last. It would also be hard on kids to grow up with two parents of the same sex.

The percent of married couple in a household has had a dramatic drop in percentage over the past few decades . So my question is, why would they want to go through all that they'll have to go through to get married when chances are that it wouldn't last. At the moment I do want to get married one day and have kids. I want to get married for the right reasons and make it last. My parents are divorced so I know the affects it can have on the children.

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  1. I agree that homosexuals have a lot of stress to deal with because of discrimination and adding marriage on to the equation would only complicate things more but you must remember that life is stressful to any human being. So to answer your question, they,regarding to homosexuals, along with heterosexuals are willing to go through the stress and hardships because they, both homosexuals and heterosexuals,are willing to do any and everything to marry the love of their life. :] By the way great post :] Be blessed!