Thursday, September 1, 2011


Knowing the history of marriage and divorce in Western civilization helps me understand why we have the traditions we have today, and how marriage changed dramatically over the centuries. Back in Ancient Rome  people only got married based on duty to the society. Those who were not married were socially  and legally penalized, and divorce was easily granted. In Christianity/ Medieval  Period  marriage was duty to God and the society. Marriage is now a moral/ religious obligation, and divorce was forbidden by the church. In the modern period marriage it duty to self, and is based on love. It's more focused on individuality and freedom / partnership.

I really enjoyed our class conversation that we had in class Tuesday. It was really a eye opener about my outlook to marriage. I thought that i wanted to get married at the beginning of class just because i wanted the whole family experience, and to have someone that I can relay on to be there for me. I now see that you don't actually have to be married to have that. You can have a good friend that will always be by your side and be that person to be there for you. Although u will still need a wife to really enjoy the family experience without the "baby mama" drama. In today's society, when you turn on the TV and look at the different shows,  majority of what you see is big happy families. And if a mom or dad is missing in the picture, it's because one or the other has died. So what i saw from television and from my friends parents made me want to get married.

Now a days people get married for the wrong reasons. For example, having a baby together, being young and thinking that they love each other, or for some type of benefits. To me, that's why the divorce rates skyrocketed over the last couple centuries. I still think some time in my life i would still want to get married. It won't be any time soon though, but time will tell.

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