Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Deadly Catch

Fish is the main food source for the people in Kenya.Women have to develop an sexual relationship  in order for them to be guaranteed that they will be able to get fish from the fisherman. One women who had aids was scared to tell her partners because she was scared they wouldn't have sex with her anymore. Some people say that they will continue having sex without condoms and fear because they think AIDS can effect them or their partner at anytime. The cultural tradition that when a man dies a close relative to him will inherit his wife is another way  the AIDS disease can spread.
The stories on AIDS were very touching to me. It explains how people in Africa was effected by the disease and how people struggled with the disease. She tells how the Africans inspire her instead of depressing her, as many people assume it would.
I think the effects of AIDS are so massive in Africa because women are forced to have sex at a young age to collect money so they can help provide for their family. Also because the country is so poor, most people  don't have the money to buy medicine. My had little knowledge about AIDS in Africa before I watched the videos. I knew that kids were having sex, but I didn't imagine them doing it to the extent they were, starting at the age of ten and younger, and catching the disease at such a young age. The culture plays a major role with the effect of AIDS in Africa. The culture helps the disease spread around more, because wife's a man who dies is passed down to someone close to the family. If her husband died from AIDS, it's likely that she has the   disease too. She will then pass it to her new husband, which in most cases, will go out and have sex with a women while going out in town.
I'm not sure to what can be done to solve this problem. My best guess is to educate all the Africans about the dangers of the disease and that they may have to change their lifestyles. Find other ways to try to make money and to get food for their family. Also try to make more charities to rise money so that people can be able to afford some medicine, and stop being out in the streets.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kimbel Library

The videos gives you useful information about how to write a paper. A summary is a brief restatement of what you just read or learned. Restating means that you're using your own words

You need keywords to find sources. In a library databases you will need to be more exact with the words you need. Don't just dump words into the search engine. You should use two to four keywords when using the library database

Citation is important because it makes you seem more creditable. Also you can flunk your classes and get an Fx on your transcript, which means that you cheated

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


America in the 1980's were terrified of the aids disease. It was first thought to be a disease of just homosexuals and heavy IV users. The government didn't want to put the tax dollars into building labs to find a cure. Those who were in congress felt that the disease were getting rid of people not wanted in the society.

Over in Uganda, when aids first popped up,  the nurses were scared to treat people who were infected and would not come in the room. When they elected their new president, he traveled the country and educated his people about aids. Everyone got involved on spreading the words of abstinence, being faithful, and using condoms. The numbers of HIV infections eventually declined.

In the jails of Thailand, it was common for the inmates to share needles. This lead to the increase of HIV. Thailand ordered that every radio station and TV station must have a thirty second AIDS education on every broadcast.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


HIV/AIDS is a very serious viruses that attacks your immune system. It was more feared in the eighties through the nineties. In today's world the number of cases are still increasing, but less people seem to be worried about catching it. When people talk about unprotected sex, most bring up having babies first. Catching an STD will later come up in the conversation. Since some has had unprotected sex so many times, I heard some say " I've been doing it so long, what's the chances of me catching it now." This people fail to realize that it only takes that one time for it to completely change your life drastically. The seriousness of wrapping it up is now being advertised highly on TV to prevent the transfer of std's. I hope this will open people eyes so they can make smarter decisions.