Wednesday, October 5, 2011


America in the 1980's were terrified of the aids disease. It was first thought to be a disease of just homosexuals and heavy IV users. The government didn't want to put the tax dollars into building labs to find a cure. Those who were in congress felt that the disease were getting rid of people not wanted in the society.

Over in Uganda, when aids first popped up,  the nurses were scared to treat people who were infected and would not come in the room. When they elected their new president, he traveled the country and educated his people about aids. Everyone got involved on spreading the words of abstinence, being faithful, and using condoms. The numbers of HIV infections eventually declined.

In the jails of Thailand, it was common for the inmates to share needles. This lead to the increase of HIV. Thailand ordered that every radio station and TV station must have a thirty second AIDS education on every broadcast.


  1. The U.S. was ignorant during the 1980s epidemic of the HIV/AIDS breakout. Thailand and Uganda decreased their infected population a lot just by educating their people.

  2. I think that if it wasnt for the governments ignorance on the who issue of this deadly virus, then maybe things would have been handled more effectively. Its very stupid in my opinion for people to even say that they are getting rid of the people that are need to get rid of. Thats one of the most selfish things ive ever heard!